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Devonport: 27 Wenvoe Street, Devonport

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We not only sell heaters, we repair and service them.

Wood heaters and pellet heaters should be serviced no less than annually. 

Wood heater flues should be cleaned annually.  If you have been burning wood that isn’t dry (less than 18% moisture content) you may need to clean your flue more frequently.  We can sell you a flue cleaning kit or organise for one of our technicians to do it for you. 

Pellet Heaters should be serviced by a qualified technician annually.  Pellet heaters have a greater reliance on electrics and moving parts than wood heaters, hence it is recommended for these to be serviced by a trained technician only. 

Gas heater servicing should be conducted by a qualified gas fitter and electric heater servicing should be conducted by a qualified electrician.  Newmans Heating doesn’t have any gas fitters or electricians, but we can recommend if you have trouble finding one.