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The Cleanest Wood Heater in Australia

The Cleanest Wood Heater in Australia

Pyro are the cleanest wood heaters in Australia and we believe on the planet!  The Pyro Classic has been tested with 0.3g per kg of emissions.  The Australian standard is 1.5g per kg, highlighting how amazing these ultra-low emissions are.

How does Pyro achieve such a clean burn?

Pyro’s heaters use a thick cylindrical ceramic fire box (not steel or cast iron fire like most wood heaters),  This fire box retains heat and acts in much the same way as a furnace.  It gets so hot in this firebox that all possible particles are burnt and not sent up the flue.  The ceramic fire box also acts as a heat bank, retaining heat long after the fire has died, ensuring a more constant heat compared to a traditional wood heater.

If the ceramic fire box retains the heat so well, how is the heat released to the room?

Sitting above the firebox is a large steel void which acts as a baffle.  In much the same way as a normal steel wood heater, this section of the wood heaters radiates heat into the room.

What are the benefits of the Pyro wood heater?

  1. Zero harm to the environment.
  2. Healthy living for home occupants.
  3. More cost effective compared to alternatives.

Available in two sizes:

  1. The Pyro Classic is rated to heat homes up to 200m2.
  2. The Pyro Mini is rated to heat homes up to 140m2

Made in NZ this heater heats like nothing else, the ceramic firebox ensures consistent heat 24/7 and with a 15+ hour burn time, it will heat all winter long.

Other features:

  • Available in over 100 colours.
  • Available with a wetback for heating water.
  • Available with wood bins (including one which acts as a hearth).
  • Available with a cook top set which includes an oven, trivet and mitt.
  • 15-year firebox warranty

In summary, if you are after a clean, efficient, high performing wood heater, and if the quirky looks are to your taste, you can’t beat this wood heater.  If you ever wondered what wood heater the owner of Newmans Heating has at home, this is it!

Brand Proclassic
Made in New Zealand
Max coverage 200 SQM
Fire box ceramic
Emissions 0.3 g/kg