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Most Efficient Large Wood Heater in Australia

Most Efficient Large Wood Heater in Australia

Experience the pinnacle of wood heating efficiency with Pacific Energy’s Alberni and Neo 2.5 wood heaters. Unlike any other large wood heater in Australia, these Canadian-made heaters redefine the standards by offering remarkable performance and cost-saving benefits.

Unmatched Efficiency: With an average efficiency of 82% and a maximum efficiency of 89%, these wood heaters are the MOST EFFICIENT large wood heaters currently available in Australia. By choosing Alberni or Neo 2.5, you can enjoy exceptional efficiency, resulting in significant savings on both wood consumption and heating costs. In fact, customers who have upgraded from barrel heaters have reported reducing their wood usage by half!

Extended Burn Times: Prepare for cozy, uninterrupted warmth with the Neo 2.5 and Alberni wood heaters, boasting an impressive burn time of up to 12 hours. Say goodbye to constantly refueling your heater and relish in long-lasting comfort.

Advanced Technology: The secret to the outstanding efficiency lies in two key technologies employed by these heaters:

  1. Extended Burn Technology: Regardless of the flue length or external conditions, the automatic draught control ensures consistent and optimized burning. This feature is particularly beneficial for double-story homes or those with cathedral ceilings, guaranteeing a reliable and efficient heating experience.
  2. State-of-the-Art Baffle System: The stainless-steel baffle system in these heaters maximizes efficiency by allowing secondary air to pass through, reigniting smoke particles within the firebox. This innovative system effectively burns particles that would otherwise be lost up the flue. The durable 304-grade stainless steel baffle comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Versatile Options: Choose from three variants of this exceptional firebox design:

  • Alberni: The Alberni wood heater, standing on elegant legs and boasting enamelled black sides, offers a distinctive quality finish. (Click here for more details.)
  • Neo 2.5 Freestanding Heater: The Neo 2.5 features modern, sleek lines and a wood stacker base. It stands slightly taller than the Alberni and comes with metallic black sides, as well as the option of enamelled black, ivory, or red sides. (Click here for more details.)
  • Neo 2.5 Insert: While inserts are generally less efficient than freestanding heaters, the Neo 2.5 inbuilt heater still offers impressive efficiency, with an average of 72% and a maximum of 75%. It also boasts a burn time of up to 14 hours. (Click here for more details.)

Experience unparalleled heating efficiency and comfort with Pacific Energy’s Alberni and Neo 2.5 wood heaters. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your home into a warm and cost-effective sanctuary.

Brand Pacific Energy
Made in Canada
Max coverage 300 SQM
Fire box steel
Emissions 1g / kg
Efficiency 82%
Max log length  450 mm