Bass 02


Bass 02

The neat and attractive Bass02 is very popular because of its double door design with the outer door made of a reflective glass. When not running it acts as a mirror so that you don’t see into the heater but you can still see the flame when it is operational. The Bass02 heats up to 80 square metres and has an efficiency rating of 91%. Available in White, Red, Black and Grey.

Bass Pellet Heaters offer the best quality and value for money currently available in Tasmania.  All heaters have been certified as meeting Australian standards.

Pellet Heaters Tasmania

Brand Bass Pellet Heaters
Max coverage 80 SQM
Output 3 to 9 Kw
Pellet Consumption 0.6 to 1.8Kg per Hr
Efficiency 91%
Hopper Capacity 18 Kg
Burn Time 10 – 30 hours