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Outdoor Heaters, BBQ & Pizza Ovens

Kamono – Made by Morso in Denmark

This beautifully crafted, outdoor fire has been designed by award winning Danish designer Klaus Rath. Made from solid double coasted cast-iron, the Kamino offers unique properties by means of heat distribution, durability and design. 

Externally the Kamino is reminiscent an upturned champagne flute and is made from solid cast-iron that has the ability to radiate heat much quicker than traditional woodfire pits. In addition, the Kamino has a corrosion resistant coasting system which is designed for environmental exposure with a low maintenance consideration.  

  • Solid enamelled cast-iron with a corrosion resistant coating system
  • Wood Fuelled emanates a decadent warmth and a delicious aroma that only a real wood fire can bring
  • Chimney Pipe enables smoke to naturally move to higher elevations
  • Moveable and can be rotated to suit wind and layout

Dimensions: 1815.3 H x 450 W x 500 D (mm)

Weight: 77 kilos

Forno – Made by Morso in Denmark

The Morso Forno cast-iron outdoor oven makes you feel entirely at home with the art of outdoor cooking. The flames crackle, as the Forno emanates a decadent warmth and a delicious aroma that only real wood fire can bring.

Internally the Forno is shaped like an Italian stove, the wide low-ceilinged firebox produces optimal radiant heat that creates an even temperature.

Externally the Forno is made from solid cast-iron with a corrosion resistant coasting system. The simplistic characteristic shape of the Forno allows it to be readily placed either at ground level for primary use as a fireplace or sited onto the optional Garden or Terra Table which has been specially designed for optimal working height and for storage of firewood and Morso Accessories. 

Cooking on the Forno you will discover that it delivers a superior cooking experience. Unlike other outdoor ovens with soot lined tunnels the Forno has a gaping, inviting aperture. The openness of the oven not only transforms cooking but also simplifies the tasks of cleaning, the stacking of kindling and the lighting of the stove. The wide opening and cavernous interior also means, that with the appropriate Morso Accessories, you can cook a whole lot more in your oven than just pizza, all whilst enjoying the warmth that eliminates from this contemporary oven.

Dimensions: 606.4 H x 749.9 W x 674.3 D (mm)

Weight: 96 kilos

Buschbeck Fireplace / BBQ / Pizza Oven – made Germany

The ultimate outdoor fire, barbecue, and pizza oven… all rolled-in-one!

Stoke your backyard with ambience and atmosphere with the famous Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace. Sear your steak to perfection over glowing embers, insert the Pizza oven and bake up a slice of Italy or simply load up with firewood and enjoy the warmth and mood of the quartzite masonry fireplace.

The Buschbeck utilises a unique concrete formula with a beautiful and rugged quartzite finish that lasts a lifetime.

The Buschbeck comes as an easy DIY kit of only 10 sectional components making it easy and quick to install.

An Inner refractory firebox means the unit withstands higher temperatures than single shell models.

More than just a BBQ to cook on, also can be used as an awesome outdoor fireplace!


Heat & Grill – Made by Chesneys in England

The award winning Heat & Grill is a high performance dual-function heater barbecue which has been made for those who love nothing more than firing up the barbecue for a spontaneous outdoor feast or simply looking for ways to use their precious outdoor space more often.

The grill size is ideal for rustling up some sausages and burgers for a party of 6-8 using fine grade charcoal or popping a pizza stone on the grill, closing the lid and achieving perfectly cooked crisp pizza in minutes, over kiln dried logs.

The elegant design will suit any exterior style and encourage you to get outside more, even if it is just to have a cup of coffee with the newspaper, on a sunny but cooler day.


Tuscany Garden Oven – made in Australia by Wiseliving

The Tuscany Garden Oven is a high quality garden oven providing gourmet results beyond expectation and includes a clever smoke bypass control allowing conventional cooking or use as a smoker oven. Relax around your Tuscany Garden Oven, enjoying sensational food with family and friends.

Complement your alfresco dining with the Tuscany Garden Oven for conventional cooking of pizza, bread, sweet and savoury biscuits and pastries and even the Sunday roast. And, as a smoking oven the Tuscany is great at smoked fish and meats and savouries.

Many years of specialised knowledge gained in producing our large range of combustion cookers and boilers has enabled WISELIVING  to produce an elegant and versatile garden oven at an affordable price.

The Tuscany also comes on wheels so you can move it as you please and start cooking anywhere. No need for the anguish often associated with built-in pizza ovens. It is complete with pizza shovel, firebox rake and firelighters.

The Tuscany comes in two colours; black or black with stainless steel outer case. It can also be supplied as a base unit for installation on a pre-existing suitable platform or on a trolley with wire shelf.


IXL Fire Pit

A must have fire pit, grill and rotisserie capable unit. Allowing you to have an open flame fire, rotisserie function and a BBQ all in the one unit.

  • Solid painted high temperature powder coat steel construction
  • Removable 4mm steel legs for easy storage
  • 1 x grill plate and 1 x flat plate for BBQs and grilling
  • Rotisserie arm included to fit rotisserie for roasting (rotisserie motor and mounts not included)
  • Plate remover and bottle opener
  • Shallow bowl design for enhanced light and radiant heat distribution