The Khan

The Khan

The Khan is the King of all Fire Pits measuring 140cm in diameter, 12mm thick cast iron, 49cm deep and weighing 120kg, a definite showstopper.

The Kahn is  is a very durable product with the thickness of the bowl varying from 8mm at the top sides to 12mm at the bottom of the bowl.


  • Solid Cast Iron Fire Pit with a 12mm base
  • Hand wrought iron stands
  • Natural rust colouring


  • Dimensions: 140cm(dia.) x 49cm(depth) x 8-12mm thick
  • Bowl – 100kg Stand – 20kg
  • Total Weight – 120kg
  • Overall height – 70cm

KHAN Stand

  • Finish: Hand Wrought Iron
  • Colour: Matte Black
  • Material: 15cm x 8mm Bar
Brand Fire Pits Australia
Dimensions 1400mm Diameter, 490mm Depth, 8-12mm thick
Weight 120 kg
Overall Height 700mm
Material Cast Iron