Rinnai 650 & 750


Rinnai 650 & 750

The Rinnai 650 and 750 are the more traditional of the Rinnai gas flame fires, perfect for installation in existing fireplaces.  The 650 has a width of 650mm and the 750 has a width of 750mm.

The Rinnai 650 gas fire creates an ambient mood with Rinnai’s latest innovation.  Rinnai’s ember bed technology has been designed to recreate the warm, enticing glow of a natural wood burning fireplace with the added heating benefits of gas fires.  Look closely and you’ll discover an intense radiant, light beneath the logs or stones, providing a deep, warm glow. Using crushed glass, halogen lamps and a bit of Rinnai magic, our latest innovation in gas fire technology sets new standards.

The Rinnai 650 is a small but efficient modern gas fireplace, making it great for smaller living spaces.  Ideal for replacing built-in fireplaces, new homes and even renovations, the 650 gas fire is designed to suit a range of installation environments.

The efficient Rinnai 750 gas fireplace combines cutting-edge technology and luxury design features to deliver an authentic ambience.  Specifically created to suit existing fireplace installations, the versatile 750 Gas Fire suits new homes and renovations.  Available with either a natural wood log set or glowing pebbles, and a range of frame colours to suit your living style.

650 Dimensions:  640mm W, 654mm H

750 Dimensions:  740mm W, 654mm H